DuPont Isceon gases

If our customers do not wish to replace their equipments running on CFCs and HCFCs with new generation systems, Tabrigas and DuPont offer the possibility to use one of the corresponding retrofitting gases within the family of Isceon range of products. Isceon gases are blends of HFCs and offer the easiest and most economical way to retrofit old equipments and keep them running in good condition while respecting the environmental regulations for ozone depletion and global warming.

Drop-in gases

For our customers wishing to retrofit their existing equipments running on CFCs we offer the range of HCFC / HFC blended drop-in gases to suit their requirements: R409A and R401A to replace R12, R401B to replace R500, R408A, R402A and R402B to replace R502 depending on the required operating pressure and discharge temperature in the system involved.