Air and marine air conditioning

For systems operating on board aircrafts and vessels we recommend R124 .

Commercial air conditioning

Products for commercial air conditioning systems include refrigerants for packaged systems, chillers and other systems used in community buildings, hotels, offices and industrial facilities which aim to create comfort zones allowing people to work and live harmoniously. Tabrigas can provide the complete range of gases to be used for this purpose and including R123, R134a, R407C, R410A depending on the systems provided by the manufacturers.

Residential air conditioning

Tabrigas can provide its customers with the complete range of refrigerant gases R22, R407C as well as R410A which is the latest new global standard for high performance air conditioning .

Mobile air conditioning

R134a is the designated refrigerant gas for charging new vehicles on the assembly line as well as servicing vehicles all around the world.

Transport refrigeration

Huge quantities of food are transported daily and they have to be kept refrigerated during these trips. R134a is the recommended refrigerant gas to fit this operation for refrigerated transport and R404A or R507 for low temperature transport.


Whether it is for domestic or commercial refrigeration, Tabrigas can provide its customers with products to fit their needs, R134a for domestic refrigeration, R404A and R507 for commercial refrigeration.